BeachGlow Music Festival

On a mission to change the world through the power of music. Support the cause, join the movement & see you on the beach in 2016.

BeachGlow believes in the power of contemporary music to raise awareness among young adults about societal issues and causes.  Join us at the water's edge.  Connect to the BeachGlow movement. Be a ripple that forms a wave, and make a difference in the world.

Our Beneficiary: Little Kids Rock

BeachGlow is dedicating its 2015 and 2016 efforts to helping national nonprofit Little Kids Rock bring music programs and instruments to under-served Philadelphia schools. BeachGlow and Little Kids Rock agree that music is more than just is an essential part of a well-rounded education that every child has the right to explore. Its benefits go far beyond the walls of their classrooms and last for a lifetime!

Over the past 13 years, Little Kids Rock has transformed more than 325,000 kids' lives across the U.S. by giving them access to free and engaging music classes rooted in the popular styles that kids know and love, like rock, pop, hip-hop, country, reggae and R&B. Kids learn to perform, improvise and even write their own music. All children deserve the chance to unlock their inner music makers, and Little Kids Rock is dedicated to ensuring that they all receive this opportunity!

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Our Partners

We love our incredible group of BeachGlow Music Festival partners! With the help of these companies, our festival is growing to be bigger and better than ever before!


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We are beyond excited and thankful for the support from BeachGlow and the opportunities their generosity will provide for students in Philadelphia, particularly to study modern instruments and music. As we work to ensure the musical tastes of our students are represented in their music education, the ability to partner with a world leading music festival showcasing some of today's brightest and most groundbreaking talent is invaluable experience. In addition to the contributions provided, Dane Kunkel is an incredible inspiration for what our students can achieve in their college and career endeavors, and the innovation the BeachGlow team employs to organize and grow the festival is a model for 21st century entrepreneurship that we are thrilled to share with our students.
Frank Machos
Director of Music Education
School District of Philadelphia


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